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My Food Preparation CV

 I've studied food prep at Buffalo State College and at Hyde Park Culinary but nothing compares to prepping food around the world in 11 different countries. The spices, textures, methods, etc. are a dream come true to the faithful epicurean.

I say that I "prep" food because time and temperature cooks food.

I began food preparation very young and then took classes at Buffalo State College  & Hyde Park Culinary Institute before becoming employed at various restaurants.

01- Current
NikosToyBox.com / Burger King                                            Day Bch, FL.

Back end of the Burger King kitchen. Check through supplies, switch out foods from breakfast to lunch. I complete all the prep work for my shift as well as the evening shift. I run all in house maintenance on any equipment that fails. *I’m normally a systems engineer in construction. www.Res2019.blogspot.com

2019' - 2019'                         Zappi's Italian Restaurant         Daytona Beach, FL.
Assistant chef to the executive chef. Food prep, packinging, cooking, report items, etc.  Task everything it takes to make the kitchens function as a single unit to produce exquisite quality meals.

2015’ - Kent’s Rentals                         Granada, Nicaragua

I rented from Kent as did other tenants / tourists and I made a basic breakfast every morning consisting of maduras or yucca, with smoked pork and eggs, various soups and sandwiches for lunch and ending the day with many types of meals > Pork, chicken, beef, tons of veggies, various ceviches, all natural fruit deserts with light dumplings, etc.

04' to 06'                                          Ja-Fa-Fa Hotts                 Murfreesboro, NC.
This was my weekend past time while working for Bragg's Electrical. I only served 3 primary dishes > Southern styled pork, fish and BBQ'd beef. This was accompanied by pasta, rice or potatoes. My vegetables consisted of 3 different items depending on the season.

1995’ - Chart House Restaurants                Daytona Beach, FL.
Washed dishes for two weeks, then went to breads and soups. Next, about 2 weeks of morning prep work before beginning the clams casino and potatoes, salad bar plus Au jus area. Finally becoming a grill chef but only as an “as needed” replacement for the permanent grill chef.

1984’ - US Coast Guard / Cutter Raritan        Governor’s Island, NY.

Completely unstructured cooking for my shipmates pulling duty on the weekends. With two walk-in freezers, I generally made buffet type meals attempting to satisfy 9 on-board Coasties.

1981’ - Gigi’s Soul Food                              Buffalo, NY.
Prep and cook various dishes such as Peach Cobbler, fried & BBQ’d chicken, ribs, rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, collard and mustard greens. I prepared various gravies from a base rue, homemade biscuits, etc.

Buffalo State College 81’ - 82’ and again 97’ - 98’
Genesee Community College 91’ - 92’
USCG Special Ceremonial Detail 84’ - 86’
DoD training: Cable-ways, marine wiring, PLC’s, Fiber optics, premise wiring, low - medium and high voltage electrical, chillers, condensers, pumps > 

*Please don’t quote me on “exact” dates, I’ve been around the world twice since the beginning picking up new recipes and techniques all along the way.

My Food Preparation CV

 I've studied food prep at Buffalo State College and at Hyde Park Culinary but nothing compares to prepping food around the world in 1...